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Official website of TulsiGabbard - Member of Congress serving Hawaii's 2nd Congressional District.

TulsiGabbard’s presidential campaign hasn’t officially launched yet but it’s already melting down. Two-and-a-half weeks after the Hawaii Democrat told CNN she had decided to run for the White...

TulsiGabbard is a Democrat who was first elected to Congress in 2012 to serve the people of Hawaii. She is currently a member of the Committees on Foreign Affairs and Armed Services.

TulsiGabbard is a Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Hawaii.

Democratic lawmaker TulsiGabbard (D-HI) has been abandoned by her campaign manager and consulting firm just two and a half weeks after declaring her presidential bid, Politico reports.

Hawaiian congresswoman TulsiGabbard has few friends on her side of the aisle because of her

The latest Tweets from TulsiGabbard (@TulsiGabbard). Soldier. Veteran. Surfer. Congress. Candidate for President. (Use of TG's military rank, title, or photo do not imply Army or DoD...

TulsiGabbard, D-Hawaii, kicked off her presidential campaign with a rally in Honolulu. Perhaps most famous for her controversial foreign policy views...

TulsiGabbard (D-H.I.) officially kicked off her campaign for president on Saturday. In a speech in Oahu, the congresswoman kicked off her 2020 campaign for the Democratic nomination with a...

TulsiGabbard (D-Hawaii) officially kicked off her campaign for president on Saturday. In a speech in Oahu, Gabbard, 37, stressed lessons she learned while serving in her state’s National Guard.

TulsiGabbard (D) officially joined the race for for president on Saturday afternoon at a rally in her home state hosted weeks after she announced her campaign on CNN.

TulsiGabbard has had an unconventional political career. When first elected in 2012, she became the first

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Less than a week into her campaign for president, Hawaii Rep. TulsiGabbard issued a lengthy apology for her past comments.

TulsiGabbard officially launched her 2020 presidential campaign in Hawaii on Saturday, drawing on her service in the National Guard as guiding her longshot bid for the White House.

Tulsi is a strong candidate and it a lot of ways stronger than Bernie because she is a lot more clear and concise when speaking on topics.

TulsiGabbard criticized President Trump for campaigning against “regime change wars” when he ran for president in 2016 and then reversing course and bowing “to the wishes of...

TulsiGabbard won’t fit in a “box”. People from all over political spectrum likes her. Establishment and Mainstream media hates her.

For some progressive Democrats, TulsiGabbard is an exciting leader-in-the-making. The Hawaii congresswoman vocally supported Sen. Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign.

TulsiGabbard’s (D-HI) rollout of her presidential campaign has been anything but smooth. After weeks of fits and starts, she decided to announce her intention to run out of the blue on “The Van Jones...

TulsiGabbard was born on April 12, 1981, in Leloaloa, Maoputasi County , on American Samoa 's

Rep. TulsiGabbard (D-HI) officially kicked off her campaign for president Saturday at a rally in Oahu where she spoke strongly about her anti-war political positions and past service in Iraq.

Tulsi’s peace campaign. by TulsiGabbard. In the last few months, the thing I have found the most personally alarming, as a citizen and as a soldier, is the virtual evaporation of any movement or...

TulsiGabbard on Abortion; House of Representatives issue stances; Tired of media